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PR 40
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PR 40


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Performing Songwriter (Review) - "What makes the Heil Sound PR30 and PR40 mics unique is that they look and perform like high-quality studio vocal condensers but are actually large-diaphragm dynamic mics. They give you the same sound quality as high-end condensers without the need for ph"
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Lance Blair (Review) - "The great thing about the Heil PR40, is that it has the character of a good condenser microphone, and sounds better than a lot of so-so condensers."
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Leo Laporte (Broadcaster) - "Nobody ever said anything nice about my voice until I started using this (PR 40)."

Emusician Magazine (Review) - "The PR 40 captured the sounds of drums, trumpet, trombone, electric guitar, electric bass, and vocals with flying colors and sounded particularly good in the low end when used on a kick drum."
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Radioworld (Review) - "While the PR40 is a great voice mic, it is equally at home with musical instruments, amplifiers and even kick drums. The PR40 was taped to the side of military cannons for the soundtrack of the movie "Letters from Iwo Jima," which won an Oscar for its sou"
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Pro Audio Review (Review) - "In every instance I was impressed with the performance of the Heil Sound microphones."
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