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VINTAGE SERIES - DMPmk2 Dual Microphone Preamp
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Dual Microphone Preamp


 The DMPmk2 is an all class-A, dual-channel microphone preamp, each channel featuring dual preamp stages and a transformer balanced, single-ended output stage. The second preamp stage is switched in only at higher gain settings to avoid extra noise. The impedance of the microphone inputs is switchable between 300 or 1200 ohms. Each channel features a sensitivity switch with a range from -80 to +10 dB in 5dB steps, front switches for phantom power, polarity, 300 / 1200 ohms input impedance, a level control for fine tuning of the output level, and a 5-segment headroom meter.  On the back panel there's also a pair of 1/4" TRS insert jacks for EQ insertion.

The new version uses relay-controlled gain switching, and the front XLR connector automatically overrides the rear connector when in use.  So when you wish to use the front XLR, you don’t need to bother with disconnecting the rear XLR.  You can have the rear connector plugged in continuously.

Built with gold-plated ELMA switches for gain switching, tantalum caps in the signal path, gold-plated relays for internal switching, vishay potentiometers in a powdercoated steel chassis.

Output fader
Phantom power
Phase reverse
EQ in/out
Headroom meter

Gain: -80dB to +10 dB in 5 dB's increments
Input impedance: 300 / 1200 ohm switchable from the frontpanel
Hi-z: FET instrument input. >1 Mohm. relay switched through the input transformer to get the transformer's character
Switchable phantom power
Switchable phace reverse
Switchable EQ in/out
EQ insert jack: - 18dB
Frequency response: 10hz - 20khz +/- 0.5dB. 10-60kHz +/-3.0dB
Distortion:. < 0.07% @ 1khz
Output: balanced, >  + 26dB with 600 ohms load
Headroom meter: prefader, calibrated to indicate clip @ +26dB / 600 ohm at max level.

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